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When it comes to graphics software, there are distinctive differences between free and paid versions of the software. Do not be persuaded against going for free versions though, because many of them offer surprising amounts of versatility and functionality. Unless you are a high-end graphics processor, and you work in a professional environment to deliver the best possible quality you can, than free graphics software offerings should work nicely for your purposes.

Free Graphics Software: A Rundown of the Most Prominent

The GIMP, also known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is the most widespread and full-featured graphic design software. It is more than a free graphics software though – it is comparable with its features to many paid versions! With this program, you can get for free what you would normally pay hundreds for.

In addition to graphics editing and manipulation, you can also create dazzling effects with a wide array of tools. These include airbrushes, cloning, selection, and several brushes. Not only can you work with layers, but you can create filters and other advanced effects. As such, the GIMP is simply one of the best free photo editing software around.

Serif Photoplus
This is another wonderful addition to the list of free graphics software. It is powerful enough to stand on its own as a photo editor software. Photoplus has much of the feature capabilities as GIMP, but it also has a host of functions for webmasters, and those who like to process animated GIFs. Even if you do not use it on its own, Photoplus supports files from other programs, including Photoshop (.PSD) and Paint Shop Pro (.PSP) There are also a ton of effects filters, including a way for you to make your own. If you think that Photoplus is skimping on the capabilities, think again, because there are tons of options in it.

With all of this talk about layers and things, you may be confused if you are not an adept image editor. If that is the case, then PhotoFiltre is for you. It has all of the full-featured workings when it comes to free graphics software for your photographs and graphic needs, but it eliminates the need for working with layers. If you have no clue what layers even are, then this may be applicable to you. It supports cloning, effects, gradients, shapes, and much more. You can also acquire several plugins from the Web that help to enhance everything about this software.

Comparison between Paid and Free Graphics Software

While it is true that free graphic design software offers most of the features that average-to-intermediary users will have a use for – it does not contain the advanced aspects of image manipulation inherent in the paid versions. Of course, this will not make a difference to most people, but if you do graphic design professionally, it will make a world of difference.

Many of these techniques do require advanced courses to accomplish and learn. For example, you would likely not be able to paint in exposure to an object so that information is recovered in those areas in a free program, but that is something you could probably not get by without as an editing professional.

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