Video Editing Software

Just like photo editor software, video editing software suits a niche market. There are many things that can film footage, such as cell phones, laptop cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, and even DVD recorders that can connect to a computer and transfer the footage data there.

If you work with these types of devices professionally, or as a strong hobby, then you will recognize the necessity for having a good one.

General Information on Video Editing Software

Video Editing Software

Girl using a Video Editing Software

Video editing software is a program that can be used to edit live-action footage from a video capture. It accomplishes this in a variety of ways. Most of them support an array of formats.

Most operating systems come with their own software for editing video, but sometimes this is not enough.If you intend to shoot basic things, then those should be adequate. If your projects are more advanced, then expect to invest in something better to get the most out of your productions.

Most of the editing is carried out with a non-linear editing system (NLE) interface. Often, the video is spliced into multiple clips, and laid out in the interface to click through and alter as they wish. As the clips are being edited, any point in the video can be calibrated, and played back in real-time, often with a screen built right inside the program.

What Video Editing Software Accomplishes

First, there are basic functions that NLE interfaces use. Trimming the video refers to cutting it down some to eliminate dead footage (blank pauses). Cutting refers to eliminating certain parts of the live footage (actual video), which can be useful if there were mistakes made while shooting it. Clips can be arranged in the timeline. Clips can also be spliced, or merged, with one another and still images, to create complex effects.

Aside from these, there are more advanced features. Color manipulation changes the color schemes of the video clips. You can also add several visual effects, like for fading in and out, letting text-based popups appear, and the like. Subtitling refers to generally adding text into the footage, like for titles. Mixing is combining audio files into the footage. Many of these are used in conjunction with graphics software to create a one-two punch for great production quality.

Video Editing Software: Conclusion

Video editing software can really only be used to its fullest potential if the person who purchases it has a need for it. As such, for the majority of casual video users, their primary programs available for free on their operating system will suit them just fine. As you extend up the ladder for video editing though, even more features and functions arise. Some do things better than others. The best advise I can give here is to check around for good reviews. You can also resort to free ones, just like you can for free graphics software. In sum, it is irreplaceable for advanced users.

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